Lab Info

Microelectronics for AI

In this lab we implement A.I. algorithms in microelectronics (CMOS) hardware.  This hardware is primarily intended for biomedical applications with a special emphasis on DNA sequencing.  Secondary applications are in digital communications and computer networks.

Since we deal directly with noisy sensor signals our CMOS work includes both analog and digital design.  For example, we may need to implement high-bandwidth low-noise transconductance amplifiers and high-speed data converters along-side SRAM and trellis decoders.  Early prototypes are in FPGA form and ultimately translated into custom (ASIC) VLSI realizations.

Our A.I. work deals mostly with sequence classification, often on high-speed time-series.

Sebastian Magierowski
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and  Computer Science
Lassonde School of Engineering
York University